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Prices 2021:

Adult 75,00 kr. pr. day
Children (3-13 years) 35,00 kr. pr. day
Electricity pr. day min. / power consumption besides the 35 kr. is measured with 3 kr./kWh 35,00 kr. pr. day
Site fees for tents is only paid in the weekend and during the period (20.6 – 31.8) 50,00 kr. pr. day
Site fees for Caravans/ Motorhomes:
On the pitches with view, the fee is paid every day all year round.


On the other pitches is the fee only paid during the weekend and in the period (20.6 – 31.8).


Campers/caravans and motorhomes over 8m

90,00 kr. pr. day.


90,00 kr. pr. day


180,00 kr. pr. day

 Reservations of pitches is only acceptable, the day before or on the same day of arrival on the phone number:

+ 45   49 28 49 50 , best at 10 – 11 am.

Notice during the period 15.6. – 15.8. maximum 14 days stay.

Event fee 100,- per night per pitch may occur during big events in Helsingør.


Bike Rental:

Bikes can be rented at the campsite for 100 kr. per bike per day.



No smoking in cabins or service buildings

the site must be quiet between 10 pm – 08 am.